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Creating Confident Young Adults

Teaching children the life skills to build Resiliency and confidence as they grow

More than 5,500 young adults have taken our 2myPlace life skill classes/workshops

English, algebra and geography are all essential parts of a young adult’s curriculum throughout school. Students don’t realize the importance of life skills such as self-awareness, managing stress and anger, communication skills and responsible social media usage. These skills are essential to young adults entering society.

Caregivers understand the importance of guiding young adults throughout their lives. Skills such as personal emotions, confidence, empathy, mindfulness and kindness, resilience,  are often not taught in the home or classroom. We help you understand these feelings, ultimately leading to a lifetime of success.

From designing a resume, applying to jobs, writing your online profile and optimizing it, there are tips and tricks to help you get the perfect job you want. Changes happen frequently during the job hunting process and staying on top of these are tough to monitor without assistance. We can help you with the job hunt with success.

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