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Master storytellers by trade, VR4SI is a full-service virtual reality company who specializes in filming and producing virtual reality and 360 films for non-profits and social good enterprises to bring more awareness to social causes that inspire people to take action.

Messages of doing social good often get lost by the noise of many and disconnected with distance. Through VR technology and collaboration, VR4SI brings the human experience closer and shares an interactive story to build empathy on social causes with impact.

90% of educators agree that VR technology is quite an effective way of providing
differentiated and personalized learning experiences for students.

Source: DreamBox Learning® and PBS, in partnership with the Education Week Research Center


Rotary is the largest global service organization, with clubs in over 33,000 communities worldwide. Rotary-End Human Trafficking club members are dedicated people who share a passion for ending human trafficking/modern slavery. They serve as facilitators and problem solvers, and provide
forums for discussion, information, resources and tool kits to engage communities and support local organizations and agencies working to end human trafficking.

To end human trafficking, we have to prevent it before it happens.

· Raising Awareness
· Educating Children and Youth
· Reducing Risk Factors that make children vulnerable
· Stopping the Demand

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