Our Mission

Provide students, families, communities and organizations the education, coaching and training to address and prevent the abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children.

Our Vision

We see a world where there is an end to the abuse, exploitation and trafficking of our children and survivors are healed through teaching students, educating families, training organizations and increasing awareness and engagement.

Our Values

Be Brave. We tackle some uncomfortable topics, face adversity head-on and actively lead the
conversation to a better tomorrow.
Be Empowering. We provide the knowledge and skills to avoid and overcome adverse experiences
and approach vulnerable situations with resiliency and confidence.
Be Inclusive. We believe that all communities have the right and responsibility to be a part of the
solution, and respect and appreciate all views and beliefs.
Be Connected. We ground our mission in love and togetherness and center our focus on community versus self, knowing that collectively we can achieve anything.

“2myPlace has shown strong passion and commitment to helping
our program participants develop the confidence to succeed in life.
Their 1:1 coaching focuses on positive qualities and accomplishing goals.”

Source: KWS

2myPlace, Inc. is a Georgia nonprofit 501(c)3 organization established in 2016 and located in Fulton County, GA.