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Speakers Bureau

Cindee Sapoznik

Al Smith

Michelle Grey

Kevin McNeil

Yanic Jean-Jacques

Monica Morton

Christopher Vadnais
Financial Literacy

Shayna Micucci

Todd Burks

Todd Burks

From the inner city of Buffalo, New York, to a player in three football leagues, including the Chicago Bears and a six-figure income in Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, Todd has overcome obstacles and challenges through persistence and resilience. He is unique in that he is fuller relatable to anyone from the streets to the Board Room.

This visionary leader has spent his entire professional athletic and business career helping others. He has become an expert in many fields and endeavors, so that he could transfer these skills and wisdom at the exact right time in his career. That time is now! His heartfelt desire is to share his life planning strategies so that others are empowered and motivates in their lives.

His message is one of hope to inspire people to live to their full life potential and unlock their personal and professional “GREATNESS?”

Christopher Vadnais

He was the Personal Banker with Truist for several years, yet most of his experience came from the Bank of America, where his career began in 2006. His background has been in the financial industry for the past 17 years and therefore felt that 2myPlace would be a perfect place to share his expertise and teach Financial Literacy to our teens. Chris’ achievements include small business recognition awards; top performer for sales goals over the years. Chris loves working with the community and relationship building. He loves to spend his free time relaxing watching sports. Basketball is his passion along with experimenting and grilling new foods.

Michelle Grey

Michelle Grey, MA, CPO ®
Michelle decided to apply her knowledge and experience toward empowering children with the organizational skills needed to become more successful and confident both at school and home. In 2006, she created The Student Organizers which offers comprehensive methods to design and implement organizational systems that accommodate each student’s unique needs.

Her Specialty is Organization and time Management.

She is “thrilled to become a part of this amazing journey with 2myplace.”

Shayna MicuccI


Shayna has a masters degree in social work with 9 years of a decade with professional experience in the field, and a lifetime of personal lived experience guiding her. She can provide support via case management, alternative resources, and mentorship. Her specializations include: overdose, harm reduction, and suicide. Shayna’s history of working with clients and communities includes additional expertise around: stigma, grief and loss, adverse childhood experiences, mental health, substance use, homelessness, and more. She has served populations including: people who use/inject drugs, LGBTQ, unhoused, and youth – Speakers Panel/Advocate.

Corey Lewis

Corey Lewis is a youth development specialist, certified life coach and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Inspired by Lewis, LLC. Mr. Lewis has a desire to help others achieve their personal success. His passion is to work with youth to uncover hidden talents, overcome obstacles, enhance confidence, and help them to realize that success is within their reach but also comes with hard work and determination. Mr. Lewis has educational experience working with students within the K-5 Emotional & Behavioral Disorder classrooms. He also participates in numerous outreach efforts such as Stand up For Kids, Must Ministries, and Bridges for Hope in which he invests his time with homeless youth and other children whom have parents that are incarcerated. Mr. Lewis works diligently with the Department of Family & Child Services and children within the foster care system –  Speakers Panel/Advocate.

Kevin McNeil

Kevin created The Twelve Project to be the bridge between the lack of knowledge and awareness about abuse and people’s desire to learn. His own personal battle with abuse and constant struggle with suicidal thoughts, alcohol addiction and depression encouraged Kevin to help others become more aware of the destructive effects of abuse on our world; and now provides resources with the aim of healing and teaching individuals, families and communities – Speakers Panel/Advocate.

Janice Tucker

Janice’s young life did not set her up for success. In fact, at a very early age, the difficulties that she encountered brought her down a dark path, resulting in many years of exploitation. As is often the case, this life also brought physical dangers and drug addiction, making the possibility of escape and restoration even more daunting. However, through the support and dedication of individuals and non-profit agencies, she is now an Overcomer – making her way toward her true potential and creating her own best life on her own terms. Janice uses her energy to increase public awareness on human trafficking by mentoring human trafficking victims and working with several organizations. She is particularly passionate about the need for new legislation and judicial change to support the rehabilitation and recovery of victims. Janice works full time as a paralegal for an estate planning law firm in Jacksonville, FL – Speakers Panel/Advocate.

Tammy Spence

2myplace is one of the few organizations that is working on prevention and education to stop the cycle of creating vulnerable kids; Speakers Panel, where she plays a hands-on role in the recovery, rehabilitation and restoration of over-comers. Tammy is also the Founder of She Has A Name (#theBellaandDaniproject) and has received multiple awards for her tireless dedication to victimization and human trafficking.


Monica Morton

Ms. Morton is a 25 year Private Detective and Certified OSHA and Compliance Officer and Human Trafficking Rescue Agent. Whom as a Private Detective has conducted over 6,000 investigations and over 1,000 surveillance’s and over 50 Human Trafficking Rescues.

In October 2022 NAWRB awarded her a leadership award for her work in Human Trafficking Advocacy. In January 2021 she was featured in “Success Sisters Magazine” as one of the top 50 Entrepreneurs in the country to watch in 2021. In 2020 she was selected as one of the “World’s Greatest Women”and featured on their podcast and TV show.

Annette Mansfield

As a retired Associate Director with Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Annette has held various leadership roles in her 28 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Her skill sets include sales, contract negotiations, public speaking, account planning and project management. Annette is committed to providing resources to reduce risk factors for kids.

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Yanic Jeans-Jacques

As a Fulton County School Social Worker and therapist, Yanic is dedicated to supporting the potential and mental wellness of all kids. She earned a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Florida State University and began her career being an advocate for children as a therapist with The New Horizons Community Mental Health Agency in Miami, Florida. Yanic’s affiliations and volunteer history reflect her commitment to women and children.


Al Smith

Board Chair

Al is an Amazon #1 Bestselling author who has coached thousands of teens and young adults. His contributions include life and job skills programs that enable Overcomers to thrive in their personal lives and professional careers. Al’s goals align with the mission of educating children and teens by preparing them to flourish.


Cindee Sapoznik

Founder and CEO

Cindee Sapoznik is the quintessential problem solver, whose unique ability to impact lives flows from her ability to connect on a special level with people. As opposed to having a “play book” of recommendations, Cindee uses her facility to watch, listen, observe non-verbal communication, and be fully receptive as she engages, which may take one-several sessions. Using this approach, she then overlays a practical approach of weaving together a network based set of recommendations, woven from years of experience with proven professionals in all aspects of human health and optimization. She brings an authentic, well-honed and genuine approach to all of her clients, and executes her work with sincere respect and sensitivity that she believes each and every client is due. Cindee has an enduring passion for helping create a forward path for others, that will ultimately result in their emergence as their best selves.

Another bridge to unleashing excellence in others – and helping them find their purpose-is found in Cindee’s work in preparing people to enter new phases of their professional lives. In particular, her ability to elevate their skill and success interview process through her unique “mock interview” method. Ms. Sapoznik’s many years of experience open the mystery of interviewing excellence, provide confidence and preparation. Cindee regularly packs rooms with her compelling and successful approach, which has resulted in her selection as contributing author to the Amazon #1 Bestseller: Hired!

Cindee has evolved throughout her current roles as a humanitarian and life-coach, after spending her early professional years in the
pharmaceutical industry as a professional, leader, guide and mentor. Her strengths include sales, persuasion, team building and professional development.

Cindee approaches all she does with humor, authenticity, integrity, and selflessness.

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