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Tammy Spence

Transition Team Coordinator
Victim Advocate the Lifeboat Project
-Founder of, “She Has A Name” #theBellaandDaniproject
-CFCN Central Florida Victim Service Center Community Service Award 2018
-Polaris Volunteer of the Year 2019
Chairmans Club Delta Airlines: recognized for HT work 2015
Volunteered At:

-Samaritan Village, Lydia House, Covenant House

-CFVCN – Central Florida Victim Service Network
-UCF Research, Human Trafficking Collection – Adult Survivors
-Victim Service Subcommittee of Central Florida
-HT Partners of Central Florida
-Central Florida Victim Service Center
-Freedom Network USA (ask Jill)
-Seminole County Task Force
-Brent Woody – Justice Restoration Center Legal and Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy

Janice Tucker

Janice’s young life did not set her up for success. In fact, at a very early age, the difficulties that she encountered brought her down a dark path, resulting in many years of exploitation. As is often the case, this life also brought physical dangers and drug addiction, making the possibility of escape and restoration even more daunting. However, through the support of dedication of individuals and non-profit agencies, she is now an Overcomer – making her way toward her true potential and creating her own best life on her own terms. She uses her energy to increase public awareness on human trafficking. She has mentored dozens of human trafficking victims and works with several organizations including Advisor to 2myPlace in Roswell GA and she also serves on the Survivor Advisory Board at Her Song in Jacksonville, FL. She is particularly passionate about the need for new legislation and judicial change to support the rehabilitation and recovery of victims. Janice works full time as a paralegal for an estate planning law firm in Jacksonville, FL.


Kevin McNeil

Kevin created The Twelve Project to be the bridge between the lack of knowledge and awareness about abuse and people’s desire to learn. He provides resources with the aim of healing and teaching individuals, families, and communities. The Twelve Project is a safe place where people can learn about abuse 24/7. Inspired by the positive results people experienced from reading his teaching materials, he took his plan a step further; he retired as a detective and began speaking and educating full time. 

Kevin’s own personal battle with abuse encouraged him to find a way to make others aware of the destructive effects of abuse on our world. As a survivor of abuse, he struggled with constant thoughts of suicide, alcohol addiction, and depression. 

Kevin runs Virtual workshops, television, lectures (nationally), is guest on radio stations, and Virtual panels.


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