Offering a safe space to build resiliency and confidence to effectively manage adverse experiences creates the foundation to lower the risk of being exploited and trafficked.

Through panel discussions and live or online workshops designed for kids, we offer coaching and life skills programs that focus on building strength, awareness and mental wellness.

Middle School & High School

With interactive videos and hands-on projects created FOR students BY students, our partnership with PACT (Partners Against Child Trafficking) offers an online training course for students aged 13 to 18 to learn how to spot trafficking signs and act on it, with a focus on prevention. Available in English and Spanish.

In-person workshops and panels are also available to provide teenagers with the life skills to build confidence and resiliency, manage pressure, deal with stress and anxiety and properly express themselves in personal and professional settings.

At any given moment, an estimated 40.3 million people are being victimized in
situations of trafficking and exploitation worldwide. 25% are children.

Source: International Labour Organization

Colleges & Universities

Our PACT (Partners Against Child Trafficking) partnership offers college and university students an online training course to detect, defend and disrupt against predators in their own environment and bring awareness to stop the demand. Available in English and Spanish.

In addition to educating students on how to manage adverse experiences and potential threats on and off campus, workshops and panels offer the life skills to manage pressure, deal with stress and anxiety and properly express oneself in personal and professional settings.

16% of college students reported being diagnosed with a depressive disorder. Over 90% of persons who commit
suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder, typically a depressive disorder or substance abuse disorder.

Source: Governors State University