Corey Lewis

“I met Cindee when I graduated college (2014). I wanted to work with kids, but had no idea what I wanted to do. I met with Cindee and she supplied me with resources, contacts, suggestions for cleaning up my image and accomplishing some personal goals, before applying my passion. I began working at an elementary school, and quickly realized this is my passion. I resigned from the school system and opened my own Youth Mentoring company…Inspired by Lewis. She is where I found my strength, my focus and my vision. I learned how to set goals and go after them, no matter what.”

Davionne Longman

“Cindee saw something in me that most people did not. She encouraged me, she held me accountable, but most of all she helped me see my true potential. If it were not for Cindee and her many lessons I would not be where I am today. If it was not for her tenacity and strength. Her no-nonsense attitude and her love for me. Cindee is more than a mentor, she is a nurturer and friend. At “2 My Place” she will be able to help so many people, and touch so many lives.”


“I met Cindee in 2010, at the worst point in my life. We were living in a homeless shelter. I was mad at the world and wanted nothing to do, with anyone. She was a volunteer for the teens at this center. She reached out to me immediately, knowing I was not okay. She has gotten me to where I am today. Even when she didn’t agree with my choices, she let me live my mistakes and then I learned how to apply them towards my growth. I don’t know where I’d be without her. She inspires me everyday, and is a woman that I aspire to be. I want to do what she does. I want to save lives in the way that she saved mine. She has a selfless love and instills confidence in everyone she meets.”

Alondra Renae

“Mrs. Sapoznik worked as a volunteer for many years within the organization  “Every Woman Works”, and was a valuable asset. She showed a level of honesty that was immeasurable and trustworthiness. She was a pleasure to work alongside for many events. She volunteered he time, her expertise, her kindness, and her support for many years teaching classes, showing up to events and helping in any way possible, maintaining relationships and staying involved. She showed a genuine level of care and commitment to helping in many capacities.”

2myPlace, Teen Life Skills Coaching in Milton, meet the Certified Life Coach Cindee Sapoznik
After I retired from 34 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to “shop around” for my true passion. I volunteered at several shelters and organizations and found my fit at a local shelter where I developed a teen program. You know, teens are usually the ones who get lost in the system. I stayed there for five years. Then I got certified as a Life Coach because people like to see letters after a name to believe and trust a person. I registered 2MyPlace as a non-profit and that is how it started.