Ms. Cindee is a one of a kind woman. Meeting her at one of my lowest points in my life was a blessing in disguise that I had not anticipated. I was a senior in high school living in a homeless shelter; with an attitude that you could feel from a mile away, and had no intention on opening up to anyone throughout my stay until I met Ms. Cindee. Her energy was genuine and contagious, and made it impossible to resent her no matter how hard I tried. From the moment I met her, she treated me like I was one of her own, and helped me see myself from her perspective. She commemorated my success and comforted and supported me during my struggles, and never thought any less of me. Ms. Cindee was unfailingly sincere in her actions and was totally devoted to creating an environment that allowed me and the other children to truly feel, heal, and grow. She supported me throughout my senior year leading up to my graduation, and continues to cheer me on in my Junior year in college. God put this strong, courageous, extraordinary woman in my life for a reason, and I am and always will be grateful for her.


Cindee has shown strong passion and commitment to our mission of transforming the lives of those at risk or victimized by exploitation. In addition to helping our program participants develop the confidence to succeed in life, Cindee has provided 1:1 support to those in independent living, and coaching and resources to graduates. She is hard working, consistent, flexible, and skilled in helping others focus on their positive qualities and accomplish goals. Her volunteer efforts with and contributions to Wellspring Living have had a positive impact and are greatly appreciated.


I met with 2myPlace in 2010, at the worst point in my life. We were living in a homeless shelter. I was mad at the world and wanted nothing to do, with anyone. 2myPlace reached out to me immediately, knowing I was not okay. They have gotten me to where I am today. I don’t know where I’d be without them today. 2myPlace inspires me everyday, and make me the woman that I aspire to be. I want to save lives in the way that they saved mine. 2myPlace has a selfless love and instills confidence in everyone they meet.


2myPlace saw something in me that most people did not. They encouraged me, held me accountable, but most of all helped me see my true potential. If it were not for 2myPlace and the many lessons I would not be where I am today. At “2 My Place” they will be able to help so many people, and touch so many lives.


I met with 2myPlace and they supplied me with resources, contacts, suggestions for cleaning up my image and accomplishing some personal goals, before applying my passion. I began working at an elementary school, and quickly realized this is my passion. I resigned from the school system and opened my own Youth Mentoring company…Inspired by Lewis. 2myPlace is where I found my strength, my focus and my vision. I learned how to set goals and go after them, no matter what.