Virtual Reality

Our Life Skills Coaching and Real Beginnings utilize Virtual Reality Films and Augmented Reality for Educational and Awareness purposes and a relatable source for our kids.

VR is designed to deliver an experience of empathy and a social-emotional learning (SEL) that is active, engaging, stimulates interest, empowers, enables deeper understanding, transcends boundaries of time and distance and brings people closer together. Non-profits, in particular, find this method  effective in curriculums in education for prevention, intervention and remediation . It helps patients with mental health , identifu signs of human trafficking and exploitation, and helps to demonstrate positive peace.

Virtual Reality highlights is effectiveness with task performance, motivation, behavior changes, facilitating conversations and inspiring action.

Our VR project will include educational training and awareness, and protection focusing on and individualized to:

Elementary- (5-11yo)- dealing with abuse: physical, sexual, verbal… the home;

Middle Schools- (12-14)- aware of their surroundings;  social media pitfalls;

High school, young adults (15-18) human exploitation; abuse; addiction;

Medical professionals, police and safety, ER and hospitals; teachers, parents


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